Threadapeutic and I Made This campaign have teamed up to create collaboration with a cause. Upcycled bags with materials from the fashion industry waste as well as post-event banners are made by the refugee community in Bogor, Indonesia.
With the current political climate, a collaboration demands more than just great design. Threadapeutic has decided to partner on a project to support the refugees in Indonesia, which will provide social programs to the refugee community through I Made This campaign. Without the opportunity to work or attend school formally, refugees in Indonesia are in the state of dormant. This campaign has given the community a new sense of purpose as well as hope of better things to come.
In partnering with I Made This campaign, Threadapeutic hopes to spread awareness about the campaign’s work and set an example for other small businesses. The partnership wants to spread campaign’s vision of an inclusive community, while also putting Indonesia, on the map as a creative and environmentally conscious society.