Friends in Singapore, threadapeutic will be in town this weekend! We believe that good design is also good for the environment, and aptly we will be showcasing at two bazaars: the Rising 50 Singapore-Indonesia Design Bazaar (3rd to 5th November) & the Clean and Green Singapore (4th & 5th November).

As posted by Shophouse & Co.

Founded in 2015, threadapeutic has upcycled materials from fashion industry waste to old banner materials and turned them into beautiful sling bags and clutches. They are a special partner to us, because they have close ties to both Indonesia and Singapore! They source, design, and manufacture in Indonesia, and has close ties to Singapore’s markets and makers. Their effortless, clean style extends to their mission: to do their part in landfill reduction. Support them to do your part, too!

What began as sewing a few gifts to send her daughters studying in Singapore, turned into a passion to make a measurable social and environmental impact. Thanks to the tireless work of their team, and the encouragement of family and friends, Threadapeutic can bring these beautiful products to you.