Imperfections, stitched with good intentions

We thank our local fashion labels (X) S.M.L, Purana and garment makers for not wasting their offcuts.

Why do we need to buy new materials when the existing ones are still reusable and in abundance? Let’s rethink how we use our materials. We are not the expert in upcycling fabric waste, but we want to do it.


Positive Change

Thank you @ajourneybespoke – The belief that collectively, We as consumers can make a genuine positive impact through the choices we make is being put into action by so many creative, compassionate and inspiring people in Indonesia.

Take for example sisters Ida and Lila of The House of Diamonds; and Hana and her team from Threadapeutic; as well as Caroline Tobing from Paisley Things (but to name a few). So, for news that’s uplifting as well as inspiring, we encourage you to head over to our blog. We promise these stories (and many more), will brighten up your day and make you want to contribute to this positive change.

Fashion Revolution

Working out of a humble workshop in West Jakarta, we are constantly exploring the creative application of fabric. We keep our doors open to people of diverse backgrounds who wish to learn from our experience.

• Lastriah, is skilled in fabric remnants reconstructing and pattern making, and a mother-to-be.

• Yati specialises in fabric construction and quality control.

• Pak Kus is our senior and meticulous seamster.

• Udin, a well-rounded seamster, has just recently joined us.

• Fitri assists Yati with fabric reconstruction and patch-working.

• Jeanne is a self-taught designer, manager and a homemaker.

We learn by observing and doing, we grow by supporting and encouraging each other. Together, we are Threadapeutic.