“Waste Is Not Waste Until We Waste It”

We craft contemporary fashion accessories and soft furnishings out of leftover fabric from the fashion industry. We also incorporate unconventional materials like coffee sacks and post-event banners.


The tie that binds

Being Indonesian born, raised and educated in Singapore, it was a mixed feelings to be introduced to your fellow countrymen about your work by the country who raised you. But I’m utterly grateful to both “parents” for the heritage and discipline that have equipped me to do my work today.

Thank you Shophouse & Co for the introduction to Indonesia Ambassador to Singapore Mr Ngurah Swajaya and Singapore Minister of Communication and Information Mr Yaacob Ibrahim at Rising50 Design Bazaar last year.

Blessed Indonesia and Singapore for the tie that binds. Happy birthday Singapore, happy birthday Indonesia! 🇲🇨🇸🇬

Talk about waste

We have participated in #thebeachcleanupjakarta last weekend and it truly is a learning experience. It is encouraging to know that our effort to upcycle (a small fraction) fabric waste is not futile.

Our main occupation is to upcycle fabric offcuts from local fashion makers. This week, 7 bags of fabric offcuts were collected from our donor to be aesthetically upcycled and eventually made into products that will go back on the shelves. Our sincerest thanks to our donators from as far as Banjarmasin (@srihidayah368), Surabaya, Jogja (@lemarilila), Purbalingga and Jakarta area (@x_sml @puranaindonesia @morphcoffee) for being a part of our upcycling effort.