Slow Fashion

This upcycling techniques require careful composition, delicate sewing and extensive quality control. Besides using layers of wasted fabric, Threadapeutic also uses yarn waste as decorative textural elements on the fabric. Interestingly, the totality of sustainable production and zero waste commitment is reflected in all elements of their products, from the lining of the bags to the labels that are attached to the packaging – they are all made from wasted materials. Threadapeutic locally sourced their fabrics, donations from designers, seamstresses, tailors, individuals and organizations. Following the motto “imperfection stitched with good intentions”, Threadapeutic promotes the importance of sustainable fashion. ♻️

Quoted from Slow Fashion Lab booklet on alternative green movement in Indonesia by #ikatecut, Goethe Institut.

#slowfashion #greenmovement #greenfashion #sustainablefashion #circularfashion #circulareconomy #veganfashion #instagood #indonesianmade


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