A Testimonial by Ms Iris Lim

“I am a self proclaimed bag fanatic so when I came across bags made by Threadapeutic, I was blown away by the unique design of their bags. Their signature method of hand making their bags was the first I have come across. Each piece is so special as it depends on the cloth they are able to get their hands on. After I came to know how tedious the process of making the bags is, I was even more impressed. It is with such effort and dedication of each artisan that each piece is one of a kind. I am guaranteed that no one else will have the same piece as mine! Threadapeutic bags not only is beautiful to look at, they are also functional. Now I am proud to say I own 5 of their bags and I am looking forward to more beautiful bags to come! Kudos to also making these upcycled bags for a good cause!” 🌿

We first met Ms Iris Lim 3 years ago at one of our Public Garden bazaars in Singapore. Since then she has been one of our avid supporters of slow fashion work. Thank you Iris!

#upcycle #slowfashion #sustainability #instagood #notsponsored


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