About Us

Threadapeutic was founded in 2015. Our team has worked tirelessly to achieve measurable impact environmentally and socially while fulfilling our mission to strengthen the landfill reduction movement. The concept of making something out of waste and turning it into something of value is what we do at Threadapeutic. We upcycle materials from the fashion industry waste as well as banner from past events and turn it into effortless clean silhouettes products such as sling bags to clutches. We are committed to our bottom line which consists of the people, our planet, purpose and also donating part of our profit back to the community.

Part of our team: Yati, Ilas, Ane and Hana
We were part of “Is Sustainable Doable?”, a panel discussion organised by Goethe Institute.

Here is a brief introduction to Threadapeutic by our Founder, Hana:


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. […] Threadapeutic first started when I was working for an event, Indonesia Fashion Week 2015. I was assigned to make event souvenirs and souvenirs for the media people who were covering the event. The materials available for upcycling were leftover fabric, old stock from fashion designers and post-event banners. The team back then consisted of a freelancing young mom who had a background in design, a young lady who just learned to sew, and a middle-aged man who was experienced in fashion sewing. We started experimenting with banners and fabric scraps in October 2014 and made pouches and bags. Through trial and error we managed to come up with a feasible, functional design. We prepared the materials to make over 200 bags for the event and commissioned others to sew for us too. We also experimented with different designs for the event souvenirs and started using used burlap sackcloth too. […]

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