My Sustainable Closet – Iris Lim – The Artesan Gateway

My Sustainable Closet – Iris Lim – The Artesan Gateway
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Fashion Revolution

Working out of a humble workshop in West Jakarta, we are constantly exploring the creative application of fabric. We keep our doors open to people of diverse backgrounds who wish to learn from our experience.

• Lastriah, is skilled in fabric remnants reconstructing and pattern making, and a mother-to-be.

• Yati specialises in fabric construction and quality control.

• Pak Kus is our senior and meticulous seamster.

• Udin, a well-rounded seamster, has just recently joined us.

• Fitri assists Yati with fabric reconstruction and patch-working.

• Jeanne is a self-taught designer, manager and a homemaker.

We learn by observing and doing, we grow by supporting and encouraging each other. Together, we are Threadapeutic.

Testimonials on Adora and Lauren by Ms Ann Quek

This bag named Adora is exactly what I truly advocate – upcycling. Totally vegan. No animals had to sacrificed in the making of this bag. Fully made from scrap materials. Even the straps was repurposed. Plus, it’s very roomy. A perfect travel bag!


The Lauren is another innovative designer-inspired bag from Threadapeutic. By simply folding it from back to front, the colour changes subtlely. To transform from a sling to clutch, you adjust the straps and voila, it automatically brings you from day wear to evening wear. How not to say no to this beauty? They say #upcycling products are not well made. Nonsense! Even the lining is perfectly made here. Quality is definitely not sacrificed in Threadapeutic products.

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A Testimonial by Ms Iris Lim

“I am a self proclaimed bag fanatic so when I came across bags made by Threadapeutic, I was blown away by the unique design of their bags. Their signature method of hand making their bags was the first I have come across. Each piece is so special as it depends on the cloth they are able to get their hands on. After I came to know how tedious the process of making the bags is, I was even more impressed. It is with such effort and dedication of each artisan that each piece is one of a kind. I am guaranteed that no one else will have the same piece as mine! Threadapeutic bags not only is beautiful to look at, they are also functional. Now I am proud to say I own 5 of their bags and I am looking forward to more beautiful bags to come! Kudos to also making these upcycled bags for a good cause!” 🌿

We first met Ms Iris Lim 3 years ago at one of our Public Garden bazaars in Singapore. Since then she has been one of our avid supporters of slow fashion work. Thank you Iris!

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